The importance of Self-Care

As important as it is to build your business and further your career, it is to focus on self-care and your personal well being!

Because lets face it, you can’t pour from an empty cup! I believe in balance, so for all the hours of hard work you put in, you also need to make sure to make some me-time.

Make time to do things that make your soul happy, taking the time to workout, making the effort to eating healthfully and not forgetting to keep your mental and emotional health in check.

I have definitely have had years of my life where I didn’t balance the two worlds well and of course one would always suffer.

I think for the first time in my life I am finally living a more balanced life, not perfect, because who’s is really? But for the first time I feel, well balanced! So here is a quick list of things I do to take care of “me” So I can be the best me for all other areas of my life that require a “full cup!

Journaling- I have found that journaling daily helps tremendously, I invite you to try!

Taking 10-15 minutes/ a day for alone time- To just be with your thoughts, turning off all electronic devices. Just relax!

Take your vitamins- see your doctor do routine checkups to check on what your body really needs.

Eat healthfully and mindfully- Don’t over eat due to stress, make at least two healthy, delicious homemade meals a week and enjoy them with good company!

Exercise or meditate 4-5 times a week- Or do both!

Keep your emotions in check- We all know that life happens, deal with your issues and your emotions.

and if you feel you are unable to help yourself, seek help from a good therapist. A good therapist could be life changing!

Get out and get some sun- Get some vitamin D, it’s good for you and it will even put you in a better mood!

Adapt the “hygee” mentality- A Danish lifestyle, having a special, cozy, charming moments everyday.

Have fun/ have a hobby- here is where you do things that fill your soul!

I like to paint, enjoy a glass of good wine, Cook a gourmet meal, chocolate, reading a good book, Jazz, I love home decor, engaging in a deep conversation with friend or a loved one. Watching feel good movies, I even love the process of self improvement and self-care.  And lastly one of the things that brings me the greatest joy, taking care of our dog Olive even if its just taking her on a short sunny walk around the block.

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