The art of the consultation

We all know the consultation part of an appointment is crucial to getting exactly what we want! So I’ve broken it down to a few tips you can take to your next appointment to ensure to get your dream hair. 

1. Be honest. 

Telling your stylist the truth of your hair history will help her determine which colors, toners and even developers to use. Because creating a custom beautiful color is like an equation, we have to have the given numbers to give you perfect color! 

2.  Bring photos

You don’t need to know the lingo. Many times clients try to use fancy lingo and end up incorrectly  describing what they want. Why I can’t stress enough,how important a picture can be. 

3. Be open to suggestions

Be open to suggestions your professional stylist may have to go well with  your lifestyle, features and overall goal. But don’t ever feel pressured to go with a style you know you won’t  like. 

4. Be realsitic

Probably the least fun advice here, but necessary. Don’t expect a cut to change your hair texture. A great cut will enhance your beautiful color. It should sit beautifully with your face shape and features and you should be able to style it in under 25 min. But it will never change wavy frizzy hair to sleek smooth hair.

5. Have fun

Be optimistic. Get excited. You are possibly about to have the best hair you’ve ever had!

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