SPLIT ENDS – Treatment and Prevention

What are split ends and where do they actually affect your hair?

People often think all split ends are at the “end” meaning at the bottom of their hair.  However damage and split ends can run all the way up the hair shaft.  This is where I recommend a dusting (a technique  where bending the hair in a way to expose the split ends and cutting only a few millimeters to remove the damaged area)  You can add a dusting either in addition to a cut or  in place of one if you don’t want to change your length but want to keep your split ends at bay.  This is a great service to tackle this issue.

Best hair products to both treat and prevent split ends from occurring.

1. Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Protecting Spray -protects hair from heat damage, prevents split ends and smells amazing!

2. MONAT t Rejuveniqe Oil – unique multi use oil that both heals and protects hair

3. The Dry Bar’s 100 Proof Treatment Oil great leave in oil.

Causes of Split ends

-The main causes of split ends are over processed hair (color or lightning)

-Too much heat styling

-Not sleeping on the proper fabric pillow case.

(A Satin pillow case will make you feel like a princess and ease the friction on your hair every night therefore preventing breakage and split ends)

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