Salon Etiquette & Tipping

There is so much information online on DIYs and everything you need to know about your hair but when it comes to salon etiquette and tipping there seems to be a lack of information.  So to eliminate a possible uncomfortable convo with your hairdresser in the future here are a few guidelines on how to proceed at your next appointment.

1. Showing up for an appointment on time – this should come as no surprise. And this isn’t out of respect for your stylist but for to take advantage of the full time for which you were booked!

2.  Ask Questions – ask about pricing before hand if this info is important to you. Often times clients will explain to us exactly what it is they want done to their hair and not ask the salon questions they need.  We will take care of the consultation in person 😊

3. Consultation deposit/Fee – Yes many in high demand salons are charging a deposit or fee for a hair cut/color consultation. I personally charge a deposit only.  The deposit is then applied to your future appointment. So technically the consultation is free if you book a future appointment with us. The reason for this is, a salon or professional that is in high demand can’t afford to sit down with numerous clients a day to give free hair advice with out the commitment of A future client. Also in the age of DIY-ers yes I am a fan too, ( I mean check out my youtube channel, Im all about DIY hair) I am already sharing with all of you my knowledge and skills. Doing a one on one consolation is much more time consuming and the deposit is just a respect to your stylists time.

4. Tipping- Probably most asked question. We have all heard don’t tip if the owner is doing your service. This is true if the owner has an assistant.  If the owner has an assistant, the owner has to pay them anyway and as a respect to the assistant, the main stylist would most likely give the assistant the tip in full anyway. If you are seeing the owner and the owner is the only one servicing you and they gave you their full attention then the same tipping rules apply as to non owners.

5. What is a good tip?- The second most asked question. 15-20% for great service and results. Similar to that at a restaurant. Just know it is never expected but always appreciated.

Hope these tips help. In the end do what feels right for you and your stylist. These are just guidelines to avoid possible uncomfortable situations next time.

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