Effective Hair Hydration

As a hairdresser and Youtuber I often get asked “what are the best products for hair?”

And the answer is it depends on your hair type and needs. One hair issue many can agree on is hydration! Hydration keeps your hair silky shiny and keeps frizz away. I would say its vital for healthy hair beautiful looking hair. So lets start there.

I will begin with the most miss used products first and then go into what products will truly add moisture back to your tresses.

Most miss used products are probably hair masks! Now down get me wrong I love a good hair mask on a spa night at home. However it does what it says “masks” the issue.  No huge transformation or healing. I will just leave your “feeling better.”  A good hair mask can be helpful if your hair is in dire need of good ol’ moisture it definitely better than not using it but know you are not doing the most for your hair. Although you are helping your hair there is so much more you can to help your hair in the Long run. 

Another thing I see clients doing wrong with masks is leaving it on longer than the recommended time. The amount of minutes listed  on the packaging to leave in,  indicates how far deep the product will penetrate your hair. Leaving it on longer doesn’t do any more for the hair than  the suggested minutes.

First most effective way to add moisture  to your hair that will actually transform your hair overtime is a good quality Argan oil! Argan oil does wonder for the hair because of the simple fact that the molecule in the Argan oil is so small that it penetrates deep into the hair, hydrating and healing your hair from the inside out. -so basically hydrating while you sleep.

A few of my favorite hair oils are

-Unite Argan oil


-Playa ritual hair oil

-Kérastase Elixir Ultime

-Oribe Power drops

Another good way to add a little moisture to your hair after a wash is a good reparative cream, I love to cocktail a good Argan oil and restore cream for the ultimate post shampoo silky hair treatment!

Best hair creams

-Olaplex Bond Smoother

-Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

-Unite Repair:Recover Treatment

And of course we can talk about hair hydration and miss shampoo and conditioner. I always say if you want to have a simple hair routine and skip all other steps, switch to an effective good for your hair shampoo and conditioner duo!

We all have to wash our hair anwyway, why not have that step work for you.

Here are my shampoo and conditioner recs. For when my hair is feeling dry over processed and in need of some TLC.

-Olaplex No.5 + No.6

-Biolage Advanced Keratindose

-Shu Uemura Urban Moisture

Happy hydrated hair days!

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