Effective Hair Hydration

As a hairdresser and Youtuber I often get asked “what are the best products for hair?” And the answer is it depends on your hair type and needs. One hair issue many can agree on is hydration! Hydration keeps your hair silky shiny and keeps frizz away. I would say its vital for healthy hair […]

2019 Fall Hair Trends

As a hairdresser I often get asked what are the current hair trends.  Although I myself and my clientele prefer a bit of a more classic, effortless cut and color, it is also nice to add small changes to update your style and have a fresh new look! So here are the BIGGEST hair trends of […]

The importance of Self-Care

As important as it is to build your business and further your career, it is to focus on self-care and your personal well being! Because lets face it, you can’t pour from an empty cup! I believe in balance, so for all the hours of hard work you put in, you also need to make sure […]

A week in LA with T3 +REDKEN

When the world of social media and my passion for hair collide.  I knew form a very young age that I wanted to do hair. As soon as I could I started working towards being a hairdresser, I did. When I started doing social media, tutorials on YouTube I always thought this was a small […]

SPLIT ENDS – Treatment and Prevention

What are split ends and where do they actually affect your hair? People often think all split ends are at the “end” meaning at the bottom of their hair.  However damage and split ends can run all the way up the hair shaft.  This is where I recommend a dusting (a technique  where bending the […]

Texture is IN!

Say goodbye to perfectly polished blowouts and sleek ponytails. Because texture is in! As a hairdresser I love that finally natural texture, waves and curls are in. I have been advising my clients who were blessed with gorgeous wavy hair to take advantage of this time to wear their hair a little more natural. Obviously […]

Salon Etiquette & Tipping

There is so much information online on DIYs and everything you need to know about your hair but when it comes to salon etiquette and tipping there seems to be a lack of information.  So to eliminate a possible uncomfortable convo with your hairdresser in the future here are a few guidelines on how to […]